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In carrying out trading activities, many traders will feel bored. Not infrequently these traders will be bored when looking for the right trading system, including finding strategies, indicators, and so on. To be able to restore the spirit of traders, some quotes or motivational quotes can be an inspiration to apply positive things in trading.

Here, Indovestory shares some quotes from well-known traders:

1. Wise words from Jesse Livermore

The legendary trader's motivational quote, Jesse Livermore, can be one of the inspirations for traders to refocus on their trading business. Most of Livermore's motivational trading quotes come from his book “How to Trade Stocks” published in 1939.

“Successful traders always go with the flow with the lowest resistance – follow the trend – the trend is your friend.”

“Don't trade every day of the year.”

“Trade only when the market is clearly bullish or bearish.”

“Enter the market only after the market has confirmed your opinion, then enter immediately.”

“Continue trades that show profit and immediately end trades that show losses.”

"The market is never wrong, opinion is often wrong."

“The highest profit is profit has shown profit since the beginning of the trade.”

2. Words of wisdom from Alexander the Elder

This Russian-born professional trader is the author of various technical trading books, including “Trading for a Living”.

“When a rookie wins, he will feel smart and invincible. Then he will take wild risks and lose everything.”

"Being 'better than average' is not good enough. You have to be head and shoulders above everyone else to win the game."

“People trade for a variety of reasons – some rational and some not. Trading offers the opportunity to earn money quickly. Money symbolizes freedom to many people, although not many know what it does to money.”

“To win the market, we need to master the three essential components of trading: sound psychology, logical trading systems, and effective risk management planning.”

"It's hard to know what the market is going to do if you don't know what you're going to do, game over."

“A smart businessman just takes risks that don't put him out of business, even if he makes successive mistakes.”

“The market doesn't know your existence. You can't do anything to influence it. You can only control your behavior."

3. John Paulson's wise words

This famous figure in the financial field is one of the most fortunate people in Wall Street history.

“If you rent, the rent will increase every year. But if you buy a 30-year mortgage, the price stays the same.”

“I still think that buying a house is the best investment anyone can make.”

“Historically, gold has always been a safe haven against inflation and a safe haven amid political instability.”

“The most important thing in investing is knowing what you are investing in and you are confident in the results, it is very important to always stay where you are.”

"We think the most important criteria in choosing an investment firm are the manager, team and track record."

"Nothing is more important than improving humanity than education."

"No strategy is right all the time."
“Tak ada strategi yang benar sepanjang waktu.”

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